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We always have a tow truck in Kansas City, MO near you!

What matters most when you need a towing service? How fast it can arrive, safe recovery and transportation of your vehicle, and service that goes above and beyond. Whether or not you get those three things all depend on the towing company you choose. At Santa Fe Towing Inc. our comprehensive fleet services the entirety of Kansas City, MO, 24 hours a day. Our skilled truck operators are masters of their vehicles, their equipment, and the use thereof. We offer upfront pricing, roadside assistance, and communicate with you at every step. Don’t settle for subpar service. Call us and get guaranteed service from your local towing service leader.

Our tow trucks operate throughout Kansas, City MO. Wherever you are, we're there too.

From northern Kansas City at Hodge Park to the shores of Blue River, our tow trucks are available every hour of the day.

Towing Company Kansas City MO

What towing services do we offer?

Our fleet includes every tow truck type in use. From landolls and service trucks to recovery vehicles, we outfit them with the best available equipment. We can tow anything including cars, trucks, semi-tractors, motorcycles, RV’s, and more. If it needs a tow, we do the job. Our fleet includes:

Light-Duty tow trucks are perfect for parking garages and other tight spaces.

This section of our fleet recover and tow pickups, passenger cars, and small SUV’s. They can fit into small areas and perform delicate recovery operations. Winches make quick work of vehicles even when the wheels are locked. A wheel lift ensures your vehicle body and frame won’t be negatively impacted during transport.

Medium-Duty trucks tow more strenuous loads.

Tow Truck Kansas City MO
This covers medium wreckers and flatbeds. These have the capacity to tow campers, vans, heavy-duty trucks and other larger vehicles. Flatbeds transport vehicles without the wheelbase touching the ground. They safely haul race cars, motorcycles, classic cars, and other sensitive vehicles.

Heavy-Duty tow trucks make big jobs look easy.

Customers call on these trucks for major recovery and towing operations. Our tow trucks in Kansas City, MO transport semi-trucks with attached trailers, heavy equipment, and vehicles, and can recover the same. It’s all thanks to the skilled operator of our 75-ton, 360-degree rotating boom lift.

Our tow truck operators have completed the Wreckmaster and Towing and Recovery Association Programs.

Our tow truck operators deliver the highest quality service. Their skills and knowledge allow them to safely recover and transport your vehicle. We also provide roadside assistance. If you need a jump, run out of gas, pop a tire, or face another emergency, we are nearby and equipped to help. This makes for the perfect combination. If your problem is more severe we can tow you to a mechanic, home, or elsewhere.

Contact us today for tow truck service near you.

From Anne Garney Park to the Country Club Plaza, Vehicle trouble can happen anywhere. When you call us you get the responsive help you need. A tow truck in Kansas City, MO is always close at hand. Just call or contact us today.

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