Roadside Assistance Kansas City KS

24 hour roadside assistance Kansas City KS

Call us now for immediate roadside assistance in Kansas City, KS

You may not realize it yet, but you might not need a towing service. There are many smaller incidents that can be remedied by roadside assistance. These cases make it even more important to call Santa Fe Tow Service Inc.

We provide the assistance you need, and if your passenger or commercial vehicle still won’t get moving, we can provide an immediate tow. That saves you time, money, and hassle.

Why choose a company that can’t do both? Our network is one of the largest for 24-hour roadside assistance in Kansas City, KS. Call us now.

Keep your tires moving with our emergency roadside assistance. We carry major fluids and perform minor repairs.

Our dispatch center is open 24 hours a day. Assistance vehicles are in your area now. It just takes a single phone call to get back on the road!

How can our tow truck operators help you?

Roadside Assistance Kansas City KS

  • Get back in with our mobile lockout service. If you lock your keys inside, break a key off in a lock, or lose your fob or keys, don’t fear. We provide fast vehicle entry when you need it most.
  • You won’t be stuck for long with our ditch extraction. Our roadside assistance vehicles are outfitted with powerful winches. We can recover your vehicle if it’s stuck in a ditch, soft sand, mud, or other material.
  • We jump start your car and charge your battery. A jump start is just the beginning. If you have battery problems and it’s draining too quickly, we can charge your battery or replace it on site. Rates are very reasonable.
  • Flat tire repair or replacement. Popping a tire is never fun. It can be scary and even lead to a veer off the road. We can temporarily repair your tire, change it out for a spare, or replace it all together. Don’t let road hazards keep you stuck.
  • Fluid delivery covers your entire vehicle. Our assistance vehicles typically carry water, gasoline, and engine oil. If you have run out of another fluid like coolant, transmission, or brake fluid, just let our dispatcher know. We’ll use your vehicle make and model to bring the right kind.

If assistance services aren’t enough, we can tow you anywhere!

Our roadside assistance is available throughout all of Kansas City, KS. Whether you are catching up on reading at the Kansas City Public Library or enjoying a jog at Rosedale Park when problems strike. We have you covered from the southern tip of Highway 69 to the northern reaches of Marxen Road.

Road Service Kansas City KS

Contact us today for road service in Kansas City, KS

Get help right now. Our trucks operate throughout Kansas City, KS and our dispatchers always send the right truck for the job. You aren’t alone. Help is on the way. Call us now. We provide our services to a variety of other locations in Kansas and Missouri. If you need a tow truck in Independance, Blue Springs, Jackson County, Olathe, or Odessa give us a call!

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