Today Fire District #2 and Miami County EMS crews were dispatched to a serious single vehicle accident.  While en-route we were told we had two patients that were trapped.  Upon arrival of the first unit we found a trash truck had left the roadway and was on its top with severe damage.  We found two patients trapped and a highly technical extrication was going to be needed to remove the victims of the accident.  I determined that we were going to need a large wrecker to respond to assist in the extrication and vehicle stabilization.  With the assistance of Johnson County ECC and the Miami County Sheriffs office your company was notified to respond.  Upon the arrival of your company they were immediately put to work to assist the fire crews in extricating and stabilizing the truck. To say that your company and employees whom represent your company were helpful in the extrication would be an understatement.  Your company and employees proved to be a very important part of our rescue / recovery operation.  They were extremely knowledgable and helpful.  They worked seamlessly with the on scene crews. We had a total of 36 responders on scene from Life Flight Eagle, Overland Park Fire, Miami County EMS, Johnson County Fire District #2, Miami County Sheriff and Johnson County Sheriff.  Your crew fell right into our operations.  Your crew was very safe and took all possible safety precautions to assure the safety of themselves and the other responders. Your company and your crew proved to be a valuable asset to our cadre of tools.  Please share our appreciation of your employees efforts and ability to fall into an extremely intensive rescue / recovery effort. Fire crews were there for a total of 7.5 hours and your crews were there for about the same amount of time if not longer.  We ended up having approximately a 1.5 hour extrication on one patient and were able to get him transported.  Unfortunately we were not able to save one occupant of the truck and the recovery proved to be very challenging. Because of your crew, your equipment and your company we were able to speed up the rescue and recovery efforts meanwhile ensuring the safety of the responders.


I wanted to drop you a quick note about my experience with your company and operator on 11/1/2011. Your operator came out yesterday evening to upright our Sky Trak lift that had turned over. He represents your company very well. He took care not to cause any further damage to my equipment or abuse yours. In today’s world of sub standard customer service your employee sets an outstanding example of the correct way to do business.


I wanted to say how much we appreciated you and your staff helping us out with this tornado. Without you guys there is no way we could have handled the sheer volume of cars. Charlie and his staff were amazing. Rob and your dispatcher, Misty in Joplin were always there to help answer questions. Your drivers were always polite and professional. We have always enjoyed working with your drivers in times past, but this time, they really stepped up under some stressful situations. We enjoy working with you guys and I thought you guys did an awesome job.


The American Red Cross was able to reach out to those affected by the tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri because of your generosity. Your timely contribution to the MO 5-22-11 Tornado relief operation enabled us to provide emergency care and support to those whose homes were destroyed and lives were uprooted. Thank you for your donation to the Red Cross of the towing service.

When the tornado forced residents from their homes, and disrupted the lives of everyone in Joplin, the Red Cross immediately responded by opening shelters for their refuge. For weeks we provided hot meals, snacks, clean-up kits, and first aid through more than 750 Red Cross workers to meet the essential needs of those affected by the tornado. Our mental health workers were dispatched to comfort those coping with the stress and chaos brought on by this unpredictable storm. As residents return to their homes, or relocate to temporary housing, we will continue to work with our community partners to facilitate their long-term recovery.

Thank you once again for supporting our lifesaving mission. Only with contributions like yours can the American Red Cross continue to help those coping with the sudden uncertainty that disaster brings.


My wife and I just wanted to thank your receptionist and driver, Bobby, for the courteous and speedy service they extended to us in our recent automotive crisis – THANK YOU!!!! Your phone number will always be in my wallet.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the Olathe Fire Department a semi-trailer for us to use during our extrication training. I would also like to thank you for teaching us about trailer construction and for showing the capabilities of your business. It is nice to know that you and your employees are ready and able to provide assistance in so many ways.


I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for your quick response and for the courteous service your driver gave when my granddaughter locked her keys in her car at school. Your driver was most helpful and even gave her a few pointers on what to do the next time she was in a situation requiring assistance. For a new driver this experience can be quit stressful. Once again, Thanks.


I just wanted to write and express my extreme thanks for one of your drivers. On Saturday my car was dead in my garage, all of the car electrics out, and it was suck in park. I called my insurance company for my roadside assistance and they sent out a guy to jumpstart my car. After he arrived, very disinterested and unprofessional and what looked to me like not even trying he informed me it was not a battery issue it was something else and that I would need to get towed to a dealer.

Then I called you guys. And you dispatched Greg to my house. Instead of balking at the situation and passing me off again he arrived and offered to take a look under the hood. He was able to manually put the car in neutral and roll it out into the driveway. I was happy enough he did this as now a tow was going to be much much easier. Again, he could have stopped here and not gone the extra mile but again he offered to take another look under the hood, asked me what was wrong. After I told him the first story he said we should probably try to jump it again. I too thought this was a good idea as the first guy that came didn’t look like he did anything. Greg then finds the correct spot to jump the car. He attaches the cables and I start the car and boom, it starts right up.

Even though Greg came way out of his way for a tow, and it ended up being just a battery jumpstart, he never once complained or made me feel stupid. It was one of the best experiences I have had in dealing with anything with my car and I wanted to pass along to you how impressed I was with his customer service, helpfulness, and overall friendliness.

I felt this merited letting you and hopefully the manager know this. I can’t thank you guys enough, thank you for providing such great service.


I wanted to thank you very much for your and Santa Fe Towing Service’s help with the crashed car! We cannot thank you enough for the speed in which the car was delivered – it was fast!! The placement of the car was excellent, and I know that it made an impact on both the students and the public. Since the car was placed before our Prom, as well as the school’s sale, a large group of people got to see the display. IT did have an impact — all of our students made it back safely from Prom and the weekend, and I have had many parents come up to me and say that they shuttered when they saw it. Thank you very much for your help, and what you are doing in our community.

SADD and I look forward to hopefully working with you next year with our mock car crash.


I need to thank you so much for moving my freight out of McAlester Oklahoma. I had that freight for 4 days and had talked to over 100 carriers when I found your number. You were definitely a life saver. Santa Fe Tow will be on my “Preferred Carrier” list.


Santa Fe Tow does have the best professional folks out there! I love the sign off 87th St that says move over, slow down, we have family too! When you all come to the rescue you do feel just like family!! You treat your customers like family and that’s what makes Santa Fe Tow GR8! When in stress from car issues it really helps to have your tow service be there like family!


My car broke down in Lenexa yesterday, and after a quick Google search, I called Santa Fe Tow. So glad I did. The lady on the phone was professional and kind with a great sense of humor (much needed after the day I had). A tow truck showed up within 20 minutes, and the man was awesome. I can’t recommend them enough. They gave me a little peace of mind in a very stressful situation. I don’t live in the area so the kindness they exhibited means a lot. Price was very reasonable too. Thank you Santa Fe Tow!